New trading app has been installed 100,000 times in just five months.

London - March 11th, 2015: A completely new and fresh group of people are getting involved in the stock markets. They have been inspired to do so by BUX, the smartphone app that makes investing and trading understandable and accessible to all. The app has been live in the UK since November 2014 and 100,000 smartphone users have installed BUX so far. Research established that 76% of the active BUXsters have little or no investment experience. Furthermore, it appears that 59% of BUXsters are younger than 34, while, up until now, the average age of the do-it-yourself stock trader has been about 45 years old.*

These results support the vision that founded BUX. Founder Nick Bortot says:

We had a hunch that many more people were interested in trading and the stock exchange than has been assumed up until now. Many (mostly young) people are put off by the immense complexity, risks and costs of the present online brokerage platforms. We present investing and trading stocks in a much simpler, more educational, entertaining and safer way: we see the stock market as the best game on earth, that shouldn’t only be accessible for the big banker boys: we believe it must be accessible for anyone and everyone. Nick Bortot, CEO BUX


BUX’s flying start has contributed to the company being elected into the Finech50, the list of 50 most promising financial startups.

About the app

BUX makes trading stocks, commodities, indices and forex extremely simple, affordable and above all, fun: by applying gamification it makes trading on the stock exchange an entertaining and educational experience for everybody. Users can practice with virtual money (FunBUX) first. They then decide themselves if they want to proceed to trading with real money (seriousBUX). BUX started in September 2014 in the Netherlands and in November 2014 in the UK with an app for iPhone. It has recently been releasedon Android, so that now everybody can play the stock markets in a simple and understandable way.


* Source: BUX Typeform Client Survey 2015.


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