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BUX announces rebrand of BUX Zero to BUX

BUX has completed the rebrand of its investment application from BUX Zero to BUX.

BUX offers 2.01% interest on cash for all customers

All BUX customers to earn 2.01% on their uninvested cash for balances up to €25,000

BUX and BlackRock join forces to launch ETF savings plans in Europe that offer ETF portfolio trades with iShares ETFs

Savers in eight countries can become investors by building their own portfolios of iShares ETFs in a savings plan on the BUX app, that they can access anywhere and whenever they need.

BUX announces acquisition of retail brokerage arm of Spanish neobroker Ninety Nine

BUX, one of Europe's largest neobrokers, has announced the acquisition of the retail brokerage arm of Spanish neobroker Ninety Nine.

BUX Zero clients can now invest fractionally in Europe’s most established companies

As of this month, BUX clients are able to invest fractionally in even more of Europe’s most established companies.

BUX Unveils Rebrand of Derivatives Trading Platform BUX X to Stryk, Reflecting Focus On The Needs of Short-Term Traders

BUX, one of Europe’s leading neobrokers, announced today the completion of the rebranding of its derivatives trading app from BUX X to Stryk.

BUX appoints former ABN executive as new Chief Operations Officer

Today BUX, one of Europe's fastest growing neobrokers, appointed Niek van Rens as its new Chief Operating Officer. An ex-ABN AMRO Clearing executive, Van Rens brings with him the knowledge and expe...

BUX names Álvaro Vidal as Country Manager to Further Lead Expansion in Spain

BUX, one of Europe’s fastest-growing neobrokers, welcomes today Álvaro Vidal, who will assume the role of Country Manager for Spain. Vidal will lead the Spanish market and accelerate BUX’s efforts ...

BUX names former Delivery Hero executive as Chief Marketing Officer

BUX, one of Europe’s fastest-growing neobrokers, today announced the appointment of Dan Zbijowski as its CMO. He will be departing Berlin-based decacorn and DAX listed company, Delivery Hero SE, to...

BUX becomes the first broker in Europe to offer fractional European ETFs in partnership with ABN AMRO Clearing Bank

Amsterdam, 11 April, 2022 - Beginning today, BUX clients will be the first in Europe to be able to invest in fractional European ETFs outside of an investment plan. In partnership with ABN AMRO Cle...

Number of female investors at BUX increases by 200% in just one year

Today BUX, Europe’s fastest growing neobroker, released the latest data on the investment behavior of its female clientele. During the past two years, BUX has seen growing interest in building weal...

BUX launches its newest product, BUX Crypto, the only Dutch cryptocurrency investing platform to offer zero-commissio...

Today, BUX announced the official launch of BUX Crypto, a platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies easily and commission-free.

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