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About BUX

With more than 1 million users, BUX is on a clear path to becoming Europe's leading neobroker. With its intuitive investment app, BUX makes investing easier and more affordable for everyone. With BUX, investors can invest in fractional shares, ETFs and cryptocurrencies from 2019. Investing can also be put on autopilot through the BUX Savings Plan. BUX is currently available in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and Ireland. The fintech scale-up is headquartered in Amsterdam and is backed by some of the most prominent international venture capital firms.

The investment services of BUX Zero are authorised and regulated by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten - AFM). The services of BUX Crypto are offered by BUX Alternative Investments BV.

Over BUX

Met meer dan 1 miljoen gebruikers is BUX hard op weg om dé toonaangevende mobiele broker van Europa te worden. Met haar intuitive beleggingsapp maakt BUX beleggen makkelijker en betaalbaarder voor iedereen. Met BUX kunnen beleggers sinds 2019 in fractionele aandelen, ETF’s en cryptocurrencies investeren, ook kan beleggen op de automatische piloot gezet worden via het BUX Spaarplan. BUX is op dit moment beschikbaar in Nederland, België, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Spanje, Italië, Oostenrijk en Ierland. De fintech scale-up heeft haar hoofdkantoor in Amsterdam en wordt gesteund door enkele van de meest prominente internationale durfkapitaal bedrijven.

De beleggingsdiensten aangeboden via BUX Zero van BUX B.V. worden gereguleerd door de Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM). BUX Crypto is een handelsnaam van BUX Alternative Investments B.V. BUX Alternative Investments B.V. is geregistreerd bij de Nederlandse Kamer van Koophandel onder het nummer 76895327.

Latest BUX news

BUX announces rebrand of BUX Zero to BUX

BUX has completed the rebrand of its investment application from BUX Zero to BUX.

BUX offers 2.01% interest on cash for all customers

All BUX customers to earn 2.01% on their uninvested cash for balances up to €25,000

BUX and BlackRock join forces to launch ETF savings plans in Europe that offer ETF portfolio trades with iShares ETFs

Savers in eight countries can become investors by building their own portfolios of iShares ETFs in a savings plan on the BUX app, that they can access anywhere and whenever they need.

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