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BUX first European mobile broker to introduce Stories

BUX Zero Stories enables a new generation of investors to follow the market in a way that fits their lifestyle

Amsterdam, July 7th 2020 - European mobile broker BUX launched BUX Zero Stories today, enabling new investors to follow the market in a way that fits their lifestyle. BUX is the first mobile broker to engage the massive inflow of first time investors that entered the stock market during the Corona pandemic through a new social feature in the app. Users will be able to stay up-to-date with the latest market updates for BUX Zero as well as product updates and giveaways. 

The current market spurred young people, in most cases for the first time in their lives, to get started with investing. To make the inaccessible stock market more engaging we introduced Stories, enabling users to get all the latest market news, and product news in the same way they are used to consuming content online. This way we’re spearheading innovation in the investment sector by offering a simple and fun way to do more with your money, said Nick Bortot, Founder and CEO of BUX.

BUX Zero Stories will go live in the BUX Zero app starting today. Through a reel in the app, users will receive up-to-date market news, feature news, news snippets about available stocks, special offers and giveaways. Additionally, BUX Zero Stories will link to engaging blogs for first-time investors about all things investing, from understanding what dividends are to more information about green stocks.

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