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BUX reaches 100,000 German clients

Amsterdam, August 5, 2020 - Today BUX announced that it has experienced a significant increase of clients from Germany reaching 100,000 German clients in total, just two months after the launch of BUX Zero, its zero-commission mobile investing app. The announcement follows a big year of European expansion for the neobroker who has now successfully launched in three new markets, making BUX the largest neobroker in Europe.

“These last months have marked a significant growth for BUX, thanks to the expansion of BUX Zero as well as a flood of first time investors who are looking to leverage market activity and put their money to work. We’re incredibly excited to welcome a whole new generation of investors in Germany and look forward to further developing our platform and making it the single destination for mobile investing,”says founder and CEO Nick Bortot.

BUX entered the German market in June 2020 with BUX Zero and a clear mission in mind: democratizing financial markets across Europe. Within just two months after its launch, BUX has expanded its overall user base to over 100,000 German users.

Part of this influx is due in part to the market activity caused by the pandemic, which has driven many young European investors to the stock markets, in many cases for the first time. The overall assets under management by BUX nearly tripled during the COVID-19 outbreak.

BUX Zero, initially launched in the Netherlands in September 2019, has expanded to the German, Austrian and French markets and will be targeting Belgium for the next phase of its European expansion.

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