Number of female investors at BUX increases by 200% in just one year

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AMSTERDAM, March 8 2022 – Today BUX, Europe’s fastest growing neobroker, released the latest data on the investment behavior of its female clientele. During the past two years, BUX has seen growing interest in building wealth for the future amongst their European base, particularly around female clientele. In just one year, the female user base has jumped by 200% and their assets under management have increased by more than 3 times since 2020.  

Our ambition is to better understand the motivations and needs of our clients. We live in a time where the world of finance is rapidly becoming more democratic and investing has become increasingly more accessible, however, there is still much work to be done across the traditional and fintech space to create inclusive platforms that truly allow everyone access to innovative tools, like mobile brokerage apps, said Angelika Dehmel, Content Lead at BUX. A recent study conducted by DeNederlandscheBank* found that one-third of the financial literacy gender gap can be explained by women’s lower confidence levels, rather than a lack of actual financial knowledge. We believe BUX can bridge not only the knowledge gap, but also the confidence gap, bringing all of our clients closer to their financial goals for the future. 

Women invest in sustainable ETFs for the long term

Interest in socially responsible investing skyrocketed during the pandemic. While that could have been a temporary trend, numbers show that women are still investing in companies that have a positive impact on the world. In the top 10 most popular ETFs on the BUX platform, S&P 500, one of the most followed indices, remains on top. However, three on the list are focused on ESG funding, namely All World Socially Sustainable ETF, Sustainable Future of Food ETF, and the Global Clean Energy ETF. 

Women show strong interest in cryptocurrencies

Earlier this year, BUX introduced cryptocurrencies, to offer its users a wider selection of assets and further expand their ability to build diversified portfolios. Up until now, numbers show that 20.4% of women started investing in crypto since it was introduced in January 2022. In fact, both Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the top 10 most purchased cryptos by BUX Zero’s female clients during the past year. 

The tech and innovation sectors are still favored by women

It is evident that innovation and tech-focused companies are still favored by female investors. Adyen, an e-commerce company, ranks first on the list of most purchased shares by BUX’s female clients. Three tech-focused companies, namely ASML, Tesla, and ASM International come in third, fourth, and fifth respectively. 

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