BUX and the High Tech Tea join forces to raise awareness for the importance of female financial literacy

Dutch Minister of Finance, Sigrid Kaag: financial literacy high on political agenda

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Amsterdam, Netherlands - On March 24, 2022, BUX and the High Tech Tea welcomed the female tech community in Amsterdam to an evening highlighting the necessity to increase female financial literacy. The event, entitled Bridging the Female Financial Literacy Gap through technology, featured an exclusive interview with the Minister of Finance, Sigrid Kaag. The Minister noted that financial literacy is a top priority on her political agenda in the Netherlands. Several key thought leaders in the fintech industry were also in attendance, sharing insights about the changes required to facilitate more inclusion, as well as tips to help empower women to own their investing journey. 

In a university study, published by De Volkskrant, it was revealed that some women in the Netherlands lack confidence in making financial decisions. This highlights how much more needs to be done in this area. BUX and the High Tech Tea joined forces to bring this community together and bring awareness to the importance of financial literacy.

Kaag: Financial literacy still key to narrowing the financial gap

Kaag stressed the importance of financial literacy for both women in the Netherlands and globally, “We often talk about the gender gap in many areas of work, and when it comes to human rights, women's rights, we often fail to speak sufficiently about the gap in terms of financial literacy, access to financial resources, and the financial independence of women. This is a worldwide problem." To address this, the Ministry is working on several financial literacy initiatives. Kaag explained, "Financial literacy is the overarching initiative where the Ministry of Finance works with other partners to equip women and girls with financial literacy and empower them to take control of their lives."

Discussing the role fintech plays in bridging the literacy gap

The event featured two panels. One discussed habits women can put into practice to increase their financial literacy. This discussion was led by Lieke Danenberg, co-founder of ELFIN, author of The Female Fix, Marianne Bruijn and Angelika Dehmel, Content Lead for BUX. They discussed tactics that women can leverage to build confidence in owning their finances, how to identify credible financial news sources and more. 

The second panel was led by women in key positions in the fintech industry, including Jeanine van Munster from ABN AMRO Ventures, Bianca Zwart from B&W Communications and Pim Hannay, Sr. Product Owner from BUX. They shared insights on predicting trends for fintech and looking at how to manage personal finances in the future.


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