BUX Unveils Rebrand of Derivatives Trading Platform BUX X to Stryk, Reflecting Focus On The Needs of Short-Term Traders

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Amsterdam, July 11, 2022 - BUX, one of Europe’s leading neobrokers, announced today the completion of the rebranding of its derivatives trading app from BUX X to Stryk. This rebrand reflects a commitment to enhancing the experience of clients who focus on leveraged trading with CFDs on indices, stocks, gold, forex and more. 

New rebrand differentiates between Stryk and BUX Zero

This rebrand clearly differentiates Stryk and BUX Zero, as well as the customer groups they cater to. Stryk users are focused on trading in leveraged products at a more frequent and flexible pace, with access to inbuilt social channels in the app. BUX Zero users, on the other hand, are looking to build wealth over the mid to long term, investing in a wide array of asset classes such as stocks, ETFs, and crypto.

“With Stryk, we are relaunching our successful CFD trading app, that has been used by over 2 million users in Europe and the UK, since 2014,” said Salim Sebbata, CEO at Stryk. “With a new design and recently acquired regulatory licences, we are expanding our footprint in Europe and offering more clients an easy and exciting way to trade CFDs - all with the support of the in-app community, social trading features, and daily news localised for all markets. ”

Additionally, Stryk is further expanding across Europe with its most recent market entries being Finland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, and Portugal - making it now available in 13 countries. The aim is to position Stryk as a Pan-European platform for traders to share knowledge, experience, and strategies. 

“BUX X was launched in 2014 as a platform to trade CFDs. Year after year, it has continued to evolve and now the next iteration is ‘Stryk’,” said Yorick Naeff, CEO at BUX. “With these two brands we aim to differentiate between two types of investors: those in it for the long term can choose BUX Zero, and those trading for the short term can continue to use all of the functions loved in BUX X, but now with Stryk. While we are diverging the brands, BUX will still be able to cater to the needs of our clients across Europe, whatever their financial goals are.”

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Bringing the Stryk brand to life

The newly re-designed app retains the blue colour of BUX X, with all other colours such as red, green, purple, and orange removed to create a clean, professional look. The diagonal lines in the new Stryk logo represent the active markets. Similarly, the app icon features “up and down” arrows, illustrating the core nature of trading.

Announcing executive leadership and management changes

Over the past several months, BUX has implemented several business changes, as part of its plan to further scale across Europe. In July 2021, Salim Sebbata was appointed as new CEO of the CFD unit and BUX Financial Services in the UK. Following him was Jean Raphael Nahas, hired as managing director of the BUX Cyprus CFD operations, aiming to catapult the business into its next phase of growth. Additionally, BUX acquired a new regulatory licence that allows it to further expand within the post-Brexit environment of the EU.


With more than 700,000 clients, BUX is one of Europe’s leading neobrokers and has been making it easy and affordable for investors to do more with their money since 2014. BUX Zero is headquartered in Amsterdam and is currently available in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, and Italy. 


Created and operated by BUX, Stryk is here to prove CFD trading can be exciting, inspiring and social. Stryk removes the complexity from the markets to improve your trading experience. A lightning fast app that lets you trade CFDs, with or without leverage, on stocks, forex, indices, commodities and more. With offices in the UK and Cyprus, Stryk is available in the UK and 13 countries across mainland Europe. Stryk is available for download in the Apple Play and Google Play stores.

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