BUX leads the way in offering an unprecedented 2.75% Interest Compensation, unrivalled within the European financial space

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  • All BUX customers across Europe will receive 2.75% interest compensation per annum on their uninvested cash balance up to €25,000 as of October 1;
  • BUX shows an immediate response to the ECB rate hike and allows its customers to benefit from it;
  • All cash accounts with BUX are protected up to €100,000 under the conditions of the DGS.

Amsterdam, 14 September 2023 - BUX, one of Europe’s most prominent neo-brokers, is thrilled to announce a significant increase in its interest compensation on uninvested cash from 2.50% to 2.75%. This move comes in response to the recent rate hike by the European Central Bank (ECB) on September 14, 2023, and distinguishes BUX as a Dutch broker with the highest interest compensation in Europe.

As of October, BUX will offer the industry-leading interest compensation rate of 2.75% on uninvested cash balances. With this increase, BUX's goal is to unlock more financial possibilities for its customers, not limited to investments alone, and benefit from this market trend.

While most of the Dutch banks keep the interest rate below 2% in the Netherlands, BUX is pioneering the way by offering Interest Compensation on uninvested cash through its platform. This rate increase will apply to all clients up to a cash balance of €25,000, ensuring that BUX customers continue to enjoy the most attractive terms in the market.

Key Highlights of the Interest Compensation Increase:

  • Market-Leading Rate: BUX now offers the highest interest compensation rate of any Dutch financial services company, reinforcing its commitment to offering the best value to its customers;
  • Across 8 EU Countries: This competitive rate is not limited to the Netherlands but extends to all countries where BUX operates, ensuring a consistent and inclusive  customer participation;
  • Responsive to ECB Changes: The decision to increase the interest compensation rate follows the ECB's rate adjustment, demonstrating BUX's agility and dedication to aligning with market conditions.

"BUX is delighted to announce this significant increase in interest compensation for our valued customers. We believe in putting our users' financial goals first, and this rate hike demonstrates our commitment to offering them the best possible terms," said Yorick Naeff, CEO at BUX. "With our market-leading interest rate, BUX customers can make the most of their uninvested cash, whether they are seasoned investors or just getting started."

BUX remains committed to its mission of making finance more accessible, transparent, and rewarding for everyone. This interest compensation increase is just one of the many ways BUX strives to empower its users on their financial journeys.

BUX works with a very experienced partner. ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V. holds your money on a cash trading account and your money is protected up to €100,000 under the conditions of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS).


About BUX

As one of Europe's leading neo-brokers, BUX provides a versatile investment platform featuring stocks, ETFs, and crypto, alongside pre-built and custom Investment Plans. With its intuitive investment app, BUX makes investing easier and more affordable for everyone. Through simplifying the trading experience, BUX is helping a  new generation of investors reach their financial goals, no matter how far in the future they are. Headquartered in Amsterdam, BUX is currently available in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Ireland. The fintech scale-up is backed by some of the most prominent international venture capital firms.

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