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BUX continues European expansion, introducing BUX Zero to the Spanish market

Today BUX launched its commission-free investing app, BUX Zero, in Spain. Spain is the seventh country where BUX now operates.

Innovative companies are the preferred choice of the modern retail investor at BUX Zero

At BUX, we want to better understand the motivations of the next generation of investors and we have a unique opportunity to see how this new generation of investors thinks. Here is what ...

BUX announces Salim Sebbata as new Chief Executive Officer of UK Operations

BUX, Europe’s fastest growing neobroker, announced today the appointment of Salim Sebbata as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BUX UK. Sebbata will be taking over the helm of the B...

BUX Zero, Europe’s Fastest-Growing Investing App, Officially Launches, Becoming Ireland’s First Z...

Fresh off an $80 million raise, the arrival of BUX Zero in Ireland will make investing easier and more affordable through commission-free investing

BUX brings on industry veterans as European expansion accelerates

BUX, Europe’s fastest growing neo-broker, announced two new key hires following the announcement of an $80 million (€67 million) funding round.

BUX raises $80 million in funding to further accelerate its roll-out of zero commission investing...

Europe’s fastest growing neo-broker BUX announces an $80 million (€67 million) funding round led by Prosus Ventures and Tencent. CEO and founder Nick Bortot hands over the reins to COO Yo...

BUX launches its newest product, BUX Crypto, the only Dutch cryptocurrency investing platform to ...

Today, BUX announced the official launch of BUX Crypto, a platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies easily and commission-free.

BUX and Tikkie partnership allows users to start investing in seconds

Today, BUX and Tikkie announced that they will be partnering together on a new integration in BUX Zero, BUX’s latest app that allows users to invest in stocks commission-free.

BUX acquires cryptocurrency investment platform, Blockport

Today, BUX announced the official acquisition of Blockport, a European social cryptocurrency investment platform. This acquisition will further expand BUX’s service offerings and will con...

Zero-commission investment app, BUX Zero, begins its European rollout

Today, BUX Zero officially launches to waitlisted users in the Netherlands, signaling the beginning of its broader European launch. The app is meant for both the experienced investor as w...

BUX and ABN AMRO Clearing team up to bring further innovation to mobile investing

Today, BUX and ABN AMRO Clearing announced that they have teamed up to jointly create a new ecosystem for financial services.

BUX to launch zero-commission stock trading across Europe

New mobile app STOCKS will unleash the power of the stock markets to an audience of modern investors

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