BUX Zero clients can now invest fractionally in Europe’s most established companies

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Amsterdam, July 14, 2022 - As of this month, BUX clients are able to invest fractionally in even more of Europe’s most established companies. Today, in collaboration with ABN AMRO Clearing, BUX released fractional investing in the DAX40 and MDAX. In a phased rollout since June, BUX has already introduced fractional investing in the AEX and BEL20 with plans to release fractional investing for the CAC40 index later this year. Earlier this year, BUX introduced fractional investing in US stocks and was the first neobroker in Europe to introduce investing for fractional European ETFs outside of an investment plan.


Big European brand names now within reach

Buying into top EU companies can come at a high price, making it tough to invest especially for clients just starting out with investing. With fractional investing, pricey stocks such as the world-leading chipmaker ASML, or the Netherlands-based payments provider Adyen, are now within reach with a budget as low as €10. 


“Up until recently, investing in big stocks was only available for wealthier individuals, but with fractionals, this is not the case anymore. Our main goal is to allow everyone to create a portfolio and set goals that fit their budgets and needs,” says Yorick Naeff, CEO at BUX Zero. “As market volatility continues and inflation rises, investing in such companies, even with small amounts, remains a viable option to build wealth for the future.”


Top ten most purchased assets in BUX Zero

Since BUX Zero introduced fractional investing in January 2022, internal research at BUX has shown that 1 in 4 clients opted for a fractional order. This means that clients are becoming more prudent in their approach to investing and are leaning towards diversifying their portfolios. In fact, as of today, the top ten most purchased assets at BUX Zero are all available as fractional stocks - the list includes Shell, Adyen and US-based electric carmaker Tesla.

Turning investing into a monthly routine

As of May 2022, all BUX clients can now invest fractionally in ETFs and and US stocks via a personal investment plan. Clients can set a date, select up to 10 ETFs and stocks, and choose the amount they want to invest which can be as low as €10. Investing consistently for the long-term would also help increase the dollar cost averaging effect and mitigate bear market risks. For example, if a stock is lower one month, the client could potentially receive more shares, and vice versa. Over time, this can average out. 


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